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Fellow Stagg Pour Over Filter Paper (X/XF)

Fellow Stagg Pour Over Filter Paper (X/XF)

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 Expertly crafted for the steep inclines of Stagg Drippers, our flat-bottom filters have undergone numerous revisions to perfect the design. The sturdy paper prevents crumpling, ensuring a clean and pure cup of coffee with just the right number of flutes to prevent sticking. Rest assured, we understand the importance of a high-quality filter for your coffee experience. 

Packaging may vary.


Taste Tested

Our filters are rigorously taste tested to ensure they deliver the purest and most flavorful cup of coffee. Each filter is crafted to eliminate any unwanted tastes or odors, allowing the true profile of your coffee beans to shine through.

Precise Fluting

Featuring precise fluting, these filters ensure optimal water flow and even saturation of coffee grounds. This meticulous design promotes a balanced extraction, giving you a consistently rich and smooth brew every time.

45 filters per pack

Each pack contains 45 high-quality filters, providing you with plenty of opportunities to perfect your brewing technique and enjoy countless cups of exceptional coffee.

Two Sizes

Available in two sizes, our filters are designed to fit perfectly with your Fellow Stagg Dripper, catering to both single-cup and multi-cup brewing needs

Ordering tip: Stagg XF is the taller version

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