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Tanamera X IbuBumi Cutlery Set

Tanamera X IbuBumi Cutlery Set

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Tanamera X IbuBumi Cutlery Set


This fast-moving, modern world has really made our life a lot easier. But unfortunately, our modern day conveniences are often detrimental to the environment.

We need to start with small changes – such as in our daily routine, before we can have a huge positive impact on our environment. 

In a mission of loving through taking care of our Mother Nature, Tanamera Coffee is collaborating with IbuBumi, a local brand rooted in the green movement, to create eco-friendly products for our daily needs. In this exclusive collaboration, we present our Tanamera Coffee x IbuBumi Cutleries Set.

Using upcycled materials, we are launching these products in an effort to reduce food packaging and plastic waste. 

Our Cutleries Set is a reusable alternative to plastic takeaway cutleries, which can only be used once before becoming waste. They fit in a rollable bag, made using burlap from our coffee bags.

Let us all be responsible to our Mother Nature. Get the exclusive merchandise from Tanamera Coffee x IbuBumi and let it be your small step in taking care of our environment. Purchase through selected outlets and online platforms. 

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