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Elevate Your Events with Tanamera Coffee's Mobile Coffee Cart

Bring the Aroma of Freshly Brewed Coffee to Your Event or Office!

At Tanamera Coffee, we understand the power of a great cup of coffee, especially at an event. Our mobile coffee cart service is here to enhance the experience. 

High Volume, High Quality: Our coffee cart is designed for efficiency and excellence. Need to cater to a large crowd? No problem! We can serve up to 200 cups of specialty coffee per hour.

Signature Selections: Choose between dairy and alternative milks. Alongside classic espresso-based drinks, we have the option to offer our signature Cold Brews and Batch Brews, bringing our café experience to you.

Minimal Requirements, Maximum Impact: All we need is minimum two 13-amp power sockets to set up our coffee haven. The rest is on us, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Customisation for Your Corporate Needs: Want to leave a lasting impression? Speak to us about options for branding, including cups and signature beverages.

Expert Baristas: Our skilled baristas are not just coffee experts; they're ambassadors of hospitality. Let them put a smile with each cup. 

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