About Tanamera

Q: Why the name "Tanamera"?

A: Tanamera comes from the Indonesian word "tanah merah", or red earth. The idea behind the name came from the soil around a volcano after an eruption - which is said to be fertile, and at the ideal altitude for growing Arabica coffee. 


Q: Are you Halal / Muslim-owned?

A: All Tanamera Coffee retail coffee products are Halal certified by Majlis Ulama Indonesia, the Halal Certification body in Indonesia that is recognised by MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura). Our outlets have also received their "Muslim Owned Establishment" certificate from the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


Q: Where does your coffee come from?

A: Our coffee comes from different coffee-growing regions across Indonesia, including Aceh, Sumatra, Toraja, Bali, Java and Flores. 


Q: Filter vs Espresso... Tell me more.

A: Our roast profiles are tailored for either filter coffee or espresso machines. Generally, for our filter coffee, the roast is lighter, to highlight more of the delicate flavours in a brew. Our Espresso roasts are more suited for espresso machines.


Q: My favourite coffee is gone! Will it be back?

A: Depends - most coffee farms in Indonesia experience a single harvest in a year (apart from Aceh which can have two per year). As with any agricultural product, yield can be affected by climatic conditions, market conditions as well as farming practices. For the same crop, quality and yield can vary from year to year. Sadly, some farms also have limited capacity to process their coffee cherries. And if the quality or consistency of the coffee does not meet our expectation, we will not put them back on our shelves.


Q: Do you do Wholesale / Bulk Pricing / Office Catering?

A: Yes, we do! Email singapore@tanameracoffee.com and our team will contact you.