Slayer Steam EP (2-Group / 3-Group)

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The ultimate espresso workhorse

Specialty Coffee deserves nothing less.

The Slayer Steam EP is the most commercially-evolved espresso machine in the industry. This is the benchmark for specialty coffee espresso machines

Steam EP offers, by default, what the industry has long considered “optional”.

We believe you’re entitled to the temperature stability afforded by individual group boilers, quick and easy to access volumetric dosing, and high-quality parts that require less maintenance over time.

Designed with the needs of the modern speciality cafe in mind, Steam EP was made for coffee people, by coffee people – Steam EP includes thoughtful features like a programmable Pre-Wet phase, massive drip tray to work on, low counter height to encourage customer engagement, and easy access to internal parts.

This beautiful and reliable push button volumetric machine was specifically designed to meet the demands of high volume work flow. Despite its underlying sophistication, the Steam EP is intuitive to use, easy to maintain, and rests at an affordable price. It is without a doubt the most sexy machine in its class despite being a total workhorse on the bar.


Classic 9-bar Extraction with Pre-Wet Control
Volumetric brewing with programmable pre-wet from 0-4 seconds.

Four Volumetric Settings Per Group
Each button can be programmed to hold two volumetric presets, four settings per group.

Individual Brew Tanks with PID Temperature Control
Consistent and reliable performance, ideal for high-volume beverage service.

Centralized, Heads-up Barista Dashboard
Easy to operate and program volumetrics, temperature, pre-wet and more.

Password Protection of Deeper Programming
Give appropriate levels of control to baristas.

Unique Design
Soft-TouchTM handles, powder coated wings and anodized aluminum panels.

Push Button Actuation
For fast programming and easy operation.

Essential Features
Push button volumetric output


  • Programmable Pre-Wet 0-4 seconds
  • Electronic solenoid steam wands
  • Hot water dose (2 presets) for consistent output
  • 2 buttons activation with 4 settings per group
  • PID controlled independent brew tanks
  • Password protected menus
  • Individual brew temperatures
  • Lifetime shot counters
  • Quick and full clean settings
  • Wing channels to hide hoses and wires
  • Powder coated matte black cup rail & wings
  • Centralized heads-up Barista DashboardTM
  • Shot timers







35 inch / 89 cm

44.5 inch / 113 cm


28 inch / 71 cm

28 inch / 71 cm


17 inch / 43.2 cm

17 inch / 43.2 cm

Weight (tanks filled)

220 lbs / 100 kg

305 lbs / 139 kg

Brew tanks

1.7 L, 600 W

1.7 L, 600 W

Steam tank

7.4 L, 3,500 W

12 L, 4,500 W

Single-phase power

220-240V, 50/60 Hz; 26 A; 4.7 - 5.6 kW

220-240V, 50/60 Hz; 35 A; 6.3 - 7.5 kW

Three-phase power (optional)

380-415 V3N, 50/60 Hz; 17 A; 4.9 - 5.7 kW

380-415 V3N, 50/60


Standard Configuration

- Matte black powder-coated cup rail and wings

- Soft touch™ portafilters and actuators


2 body colour finishes:

 Anodised Aluminium

Matte Black

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