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Fellow Ode Brew Grinder Gen 2 (Black/White)

Fellow Ode Brew Grinder Gen 2 (Black/White)

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The upgrade you've been waiting for. Featuring new Gen 2 Brew Burrs for more precision and range, streamlined design, and expanded capacity. From the finest pour-overs to the coarsest cold brews, your coffee will never be the same again.

Designed by Nick Terzulli, Fellow’s VP of R&D and Certified Q Grader (the highest certification in sensory coffee assessment), Gen 2 Brew Burrs grind finer and with more precision. The broader grind range is exceptional for every brew method except espresso. With new anti-static technology for less grind mess, a redesigned load bin for smoother bean feeding, and an expanded 100 gram catch cup for batch brews, the next generation of grinding is here.


Gen 2 Brew Burrs
64 mm stainless steel, flat, uncoated, two-stage grinding geometry, designed in-house. Great for increasing extraction from light roast pour-overs and general drip coffee usage.

Auto Stop
Ode knows exactly when the last bean has been ground and automatically shuts itself off.

Quiet Grind
No more waking up your roommates. From high-quality materials to ditching the noisy gearbox, Ode was designed with quietness in mind.

Single dose loading Single dose loading
Grind only what you need, now with an expanded 100 gram volume. We chopped off the hopper to limit your beans’ exposure to staleness-inducing oxygen.

Smart speed PID motor Smart speed PID motor
A PID feedback-controlled motor exposes every bean to the same force and speed for consistent grind quality.

Grinds knocker Grinds knocker
Thwap! A high-force spring knocks any extra grinds and chaff into the catch for less mess and low grind retention.

Anti-static technology, low grind retention.


  • New best-in-class Gen 2 Brew Burrs
  • New anti-static technology for less grind mess
  • New 100 gram capacity
  • New load bin design for smoother bean feeding
  • 31 grind settings and guide
  • Quiet grinding and automatic stop
  • Single dose loading for maximum freshness
  • Low grind retention
  • Magnetically aligned catch with easy pour fins
  • Grinds knocker
  • Compact footprint


Usage: Ode was designed for brewed coffee methods (AeroPress®, pour-over, electric coffee makers, French press, cold brew, and more) only.
Ode does not grind for espresso.
Dimensions: 239 mm x 105 mm x 248.3 mm
Weight: 4.6 kg/10.14 lbs
Grinds capacity: 100 g
Cord length: 1 m
Power: 220-240V~, 140W, 50-60Hz
Materials: Aluminum body, plastic load bin and base, stainless steel burrs

Available in Matte Black & Matte White.
Model ships with Fellow's Gen 2 Brew Burrs. Not suitable for Espresso.

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